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Saturday, April 20 at Scott High School, Taylor Mill KY 


Scroll down for a few photos and feedback from our past tournaments. We hold the games in the school gym where parents and coaches can observe their kids playing (without interfering, of course).  This is another thing that makes our tournament special and makes the waiting a little more interesting.

The tournament director is on the floor at all times if any questions arise.  Rated players are at the far end of the gym away from the exit since their games are usually a little more intense. Trophies are awarded at the end of the day in our cafeteria which doubles as the skittles room. There's also been a Sheild Coloring Contest with prizes for the top older and younger artists and a "Jester's Hall of Fun" where, for a minimal fee, kids can burn off some steam with jump ropes, hula hoops,and other physical activities.

2012 Tournament Photos

MORE Tournament Photos from our awesome photographer Mr. Johnson: PHOTOS

First of all, thank you, for all of your time and the hard work you put into the tournament.  It wasextremely well done and thought out.  It was the first chess tournament my kids have attended and the effort of you and your team made it extremely enjoyable.  We look forward to attending next year.
Scott Chitwood, Burlington, Kentucky

No matter if you win, lose or tie,
You should shake their hand, say good game, and do not cry.
Jared Rodgers
4th grader, Walton Verona

Just wanted to send you a personal thank you. My son, Cole was an unrated 3rd grader who's been playing since September. I was more than a little skeptical when he said he wanted to play chess--he's a squirmy, low-grade ADHD kind of fellow with more artistic than analytical tendencies. I didn't expect him to win at all, and since I knew nothing about chess tourneys, figured I'd be home by noon.
Instead, I got to watch him sit still for the better part of an hour FIVE times, which I've never seen him do! He's usually twisting in a chair, bouncing on his toes, walking away and coming back.  But Saturday--he focused! He came in 20th and is so proud of that trophy. It sat at the dinner table with us, went to bed with him, and sat on the floor beside him as he talked his older brother into playing chess. He even had to call his Grandpa in Missouri to tell him all about it. What a great program you run!awards
Keri Danzer, Walton KY

I just wanted to thank you and the organization for a great chess tournament and providing a wonderful experience for my son and his friends. 
Gloria Chang, Union, KY

My husband said you were so well organized with this tournament, and it was better than the Queen City Classic!  That's quite the compliment!  Please keep us posted if you should ever do this again - and we hope you do!
Diane McCarty, Patriot, Indiana

Congrats on the ever growing popularity of your tournament!!!Elementary Chess
Pam Frink, Fort Thomas, Kentucky 

I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed your tournament last Saturday.  This was my son's second year attending, my daughter's first tournament...ever and we thought it was well run and well planned.  I coach the chess team at Stonewall Elementary in Lexington and we had four students participate this year.  I hope that more will join us next year.  Thanks again and congratulations on a wonderful experience.
Joy Sparks, Lexington KY

Thanks so much for coordinating this again.  My kids (all 3 this year!) absolutely loved it and are still talking about it.  And of course William is very proud of his 1st place trophy -- we tell him that perhaps he needs to try for the rated group next year!
Alison Stuhr, Union, Kentucky

2011 Tournament Photos

2010 Tournament Photos

talking is limited kids play chess older kids
Having fun in the Jesters Hall of Fun trophies!two players long view
louis fritz audience
Intense Tournament Chess young chess players Prizes skittles thinking about a move giving out trophies girls play chess too

2005-2009 Tournament Photos

Almost Checkmate   Prizes   Final Moves4 players 2 players at tournament standing
2008 players director


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